Martina + Luca

Beneath the Valencia Sun: A Love Story Among the Turia Gardens and the City of Arts and Sciences

In the idyllic setting of the beautiful city of Valencia, we meet Martina and Luca, a couple of young Italians with a great adventurous spirit.

With their natural beauty and unique style, Martina and Luca stand out from the crowd, attracting admiring glances wherever they go. Luca's tattoos are a bold expression of his individuality, while Martina's radiant smile lights up everything in her path.

✈️ And while they dream of traveling the world, Martina and Luca know that their greatest adventure is the story they share. With every step they take together, they become more united and in love.

Amidst the beauty of the Turia River Gardens and the imposing City of Arts and Sciences, we immerse ourselves in a dream world for their photoshoot.

Lush trees, bridges, and winding paths first, and then art and futuristic architecture merge to create a truly stunning backdrop. Undoubtedly representative of the perfect inspiration to express their love and connection in every photograph.