Giuli + Lucas

Capturing Love in London: Giuli and Lucas' Thames elopement.

We had a fantastic afternoon with Giuli and Lucas! 🌟
We strolled along the Thames River, in the iconic Queen's Walk area of London.
🌬️ Everything was relaxed. Fresh breeze, a bit of rain, a bit of sun, and we repeated the sequence several times that same afternoon. London.

📸 We dived fully into the photoshoot, and I have to say they didn't need any direction. The chemistry and love between them were in the air!

Attractions like the London Eye, Tower Bridge, Millennium Bridge, and The Shard created an incredible backdrop, although I have to say on the other hand that love doesn't need a perfect setting, nor a sunny day, nor a famous river. It only needs two people who truly love each other and someone who clicks with a camera!