Milagros + Graeme

Scottish Wedding Traditions: Bagpipes, Kilts, and Whisky 'I Do's

It's hard to remember how many times we rescheduled the wedding due to COVID restrictions. As time went by, things happened...the most beautiful of them all, the arrival of a precious baby who had the honor of being the number one guest at the wedding 💖 Finally, the stars aligned and magic happened for Milagros and Graeme.

The preparations were at the New Lanark Mill Hotel, a place full of history and charm, built in the 1700s. It was restored and kept its traditional stone exterior giving it an air of antiquity, while the interior was renovated with a very modern style. From there, and with rain (go away Satan!) we went to the location of the ceremony and reception, Folkerton Mill, an old mill in an area of stunning beauty. A mix of rolling green fields, hills, crystal-clear streams, and villages we passed through in the countryside.

The rain continued for a while, so the ceremony, planned beside the mill wheel, was finally moved indoors, to a room where tradition and history floated in the air. Then came the "I do"! And they sealed their commitment as it should be in Scotland, honoring the traditions and drinking a sip of whisky!

From then on, it was all about the party. Starting with a Scottish bagpiper, who along with the groom and his relatives wearing traditional kilts, transported everyone to a Celtic film. The reception had delicious sandwiches (Guilty of some of the missing ones), dinner, and lots of dancing. Everything was a success. Having reached the end with so much intensity was the irrefutable proof, haha.

Milagros, Graheme, all the best in this new stage. For the three of you! And by the way: what a nice detail the CHOCOTORTA DE CASAMIENTO (wedding chocolate cake)!!! ."

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Getting ready: New Lanark Mill Hotel.

Religious ceremony: The Folkerton Mill.